Kirkleatham Innovation Centre


UK Steel Limited


October 2019 – January 2020







Northern Bear were appointed as main contractor on the ‘Kirkleatham Innovation Centre’ project by UK Steel. The project comprised of the redevelopment of various phases within the occupied Innovation Centre. The phases were split in 4 key areas of work, i.e. Phase 1 offices including a separate kitchen area and gym with changing area and toilet cubicles, Phase 2 reception, Phase 3 staircase, lobby and kitchen, Phase 4 small reception.

Kirkleatham Innovation Centre

The centre comprises of several buildings which are occupied by various tenants, some of which worked 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The refurbishment works had to be split into phases, to allow works to be co-ordinated with the various tenants.

Phase 1 – office, gym, changing rooms and toilet cubicles, works to these areas comprised of isolation, strip out and full re-build, access to these areas were fully segregated with access only for the contractors. The tenants had to be directed away from the work area using the appropriate signage, barriers, temporary protection to floor finishes, etc.

Phase 2 – Reception, we temporary relocated the client into an area including all temporary services, allowing the temporary reception to be used during the refurbishment. Upon completion of the new Reception area, the temporary Reception area was removed allowing the next phase of work to commence.

Phase 3 – Staircase, was a refurbishment of the main staircase, before works commenced we had to set up and relocate the access to another staircase, which included temporary signage, barriers, etc.

Phase 4 – Lobby & Kitchen, works to these areas were again occupied and before works commenced temp signage, protection, barriers, etc. had to be set up to direct the tenants away from our work area. All phases were coordinated, completed and operational as planned with minimal disruption to the centre and tenants.

Kirkleatham Innovation Centre
Kirkleatham Innovation Centre
Kirkleatham Innovation Centre
Kirkleatham Innovation Centre

Again we used subcontractors from our approved data base who also had previous experience in working in a live environment.

External resources used were mechanical & electrical installations / new aluminium windows / new internal partitions and lining systems / new floor finishes and ceiling finishes.

We use as many SME’s based in the North East of England to assist with the delivery of our projects thus ensuring the spend on the project remains in the North East and benefits the local economy.

Again keeping disruption to a minimum on any project and especially where the facility remains live and in operation during the works is an essential requirement of the project.  This was achieved on this project by ensuring the clients on site facilities team were in constant communication with Northern Bears site delivery team.

All phases of the project were screened off with the use of cleanable hoardings for as long as possible with the hoardings being removed as late in the build process as possible and the finishes at the connection point being minimal at the time the hoardings were removed.

Ways to build the project and complete though the external fabric of the area being fitted out were reviewed and identified to ensure works were completed using external access wherever possible and phased to achieve this requirement.

On this project all of the noisy demolition works at the start of each phase of works were carried out on a weekend to avoid noise from disrupting the facilities on going tenant.